Never in its long history the Mediterranean area has worked as a border. It was always a region of exchange of ideas, people and goods, which, however, was not always peaceful, often polemical and often warlike. But if Europe were only a continent, there would be no Greek culture in Arabia, no Arabic culture in Spain, nothing Oriental in Provence, and nothing Roman at Tunis.

The wide blue of the sea is the bridge to all the shores of the Mediterranean, and not an insurmountable moat: there is no center, but it consists of a juxtaposition of different islands and cultures, which are all autonomous but in relation to each other.

The Mediterranean is a „liquid continent“. The sea is essential: it harbours cities, ships, navigators, sailors, traders, conquerors, wayfarers, singer and poets and the mythology of the sea itself has formed and is still forming the essence of what we can define and redefine as the Mediterranean spirit.

Time has come to outline the different and rich ways screendance is taking shape in the Mediterranean area. To find a proper and exhaustive definition for screendance is almost impossible. In Douglas Rosenberg´s words, screendance is «the most accurate way to describe the passage of “dance”, via its mediated image, to any and all screens without articulating materiality.»  

The unique power and chance for the Mediterranean is diversity and transition and the strong power of imagination. We aim to use it as a precious source.

Welcome to The Mediterranean Screendance Network
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  1. To have a united voice both within, as outside the specific Screendance community, including Dance, Film and Arts Industry and Community.
  2. To empower and inspire artists and professionals working in the field of Screendance in general (or dance film, video dance, dance for the camera, etc. in particular).
  3. To encourage the development, promotion and dissemination of screendance and the resulting synergies.
  4. To contribute to the academic research of the body movement (dance) and audiovisual movement (cinema) giving space both to the historical study – as the creation of thematic archives – and to updating contemporary languages.
  5. To strengthen and facilitate dialogue around Screendance in general, Dance Films, Videodance and other genres in particular.
  6. To create a common space for the Mediterranean “soul-taste” to be promoted and enhanced, recognizing the advantage of mediterranean productions’ special characters and qualities (prevalent narrative, emotional, visceral focus and aesthetic approach), in order to strengthen and appreciate them as a special distinguished element, make it grow and feed it.
  7. To address new and broader audiences, especially future generations, by renewing conventional formats and integrating new emerging ones due to common and daily use of technologies (APPs, smartphones, tablets and mobile devices)
Honorary member of TMSN: Sigurd-Christian Evers - curator for Video Dance (TANZRAUSCHEN Wuppertal, Germany)
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